Content Guidelines

Contenized understands itself as a platform for high-quality eroticism with aesthetic claim.

In addition to the content guidelines set by law, we have created the following content guidelines to meet the needs of our users.

  • As a creator you have to be the originator of the content
  • As a creator, you must have been involved substantially in the creation of the content.
  • For content that was created with at least one other person, you must have the content rights and permission to publish from the other person(s)
  • For content that contains music, you must have the rights to it. There must be no copyright infringement
  • Content that shows hardcore scenes (BDSM etc.) is not allowed.
  • Content that containing violence or that can be considered obscene, contemptuous or discriminatory is not allowed
  • Content that shows illegal acts is not allowed
  • Content that contains the participation of underage persons is not allowed
  • Content that is labeled as adult may not show explicit nudity

Consequences of non-compliance

In the event of suspected non-compliance with these guidelines, we reserve the right to remove or permanently delete content without notice.

In case of repeated disregard of these guidelines, we reserve the right to block or irrevocably delete accounts. In the case of verified accounts, this requires prior contact on our part.